Israeli and Jewish Organizations Assisting Syrian Refugees

A list of Israeli and Jewish charities and campaigns assisting Syrian refugees the world over.

IsraAID is an Israeli NGO that is extensively involved in assisting the tens of thousands of refugees who have landed in Greece.

Amaliah is a New York based NGO with a team of extremely prominent Israeli, Jewish-American and Syrian experts. In addition to providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in the south of Syria, Amaliah has been extensively active in the rescue of Syria’s Jews and the preservation of  Jewish-Syrian heritage, including saving and preserving Torahs and other irreplaceable artifacts.

The Jewish Coalition For Disaster Relief consists of 49 Jewish agencies from all over the world. Since 2014 the JCDR has donated over half a million dollars in assistance to Syrian refugees in the Middle East, and supports IsraAID’s medical teams in Greece.

The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees is a coalition of fifty American interfaith groups and organizations from the Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Syrian expat communities dedicated to assisting Syrian refugees and raising awareness of their plight. It was founded by Georgette Bennet, a Jewish-Hungarian refugee.

Just Beyound Our Border is an Israeli civilian run aid group that collects donations and distributes them through Israeli Flying Aid, an Israeli NGO. To date they have raised an incredible $500,000 for Syrian refugees.