The UK based Morning Star ran an article highlighting the numerous initiatives by Britain’s Jewish communities to help Syrian refugees, both in Europe and the UK itself. The piece noted that while political opinions vary widely among Britain’s Jewish communities, by and large they have been very supportive and involved in efforts to help and assist refugees coming to the UK.

Some have suggested that the Jewish community is only concerned about crime and terrorism, that Jews are more in line with Ukip policy in opposing migration, especially from Muslim countries.

But this could not be further from the truth. For many of us it is heartbreaking that in 2016 there are still people living in refugee camps who are struggling to survive.

This feeling is not confined to Jews on the left, such as myself. It is shared by others who are non-political or even right-wing

The piece goes on to mention in detail the numerous Jewish congregations, celebrities and political activists who have come out in favor of assistance to refugees, and the efforts they have undertaken to alleviate the hardships experienced by those fleeing the Middle East to Europe and the UK.

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