LRJlfH_web_UK based Jewish News has a report on an initiative by the World Jewish Relief to provide language and employment training to Syrian refugees in the United Kingdom, utilizing its experience from providing similar services in Eastern Europe.

The program will focus on cities earmarked by the UK government for refugee resettlement, and will offer “personalized services” to around 1000 refugees.

This would not be the World Jewish Relief’s first program in assisting Syrian refugees. Previously, the organization had raised an incredible £820,000 in donations to assist refugees in Turkey and Greece. The organization also has long standing aid efforts focused on helping Syrian refugees in Jordan.

After shelter, the first priority for any refugee is to become self sufficient. That means finding employment and learning the language of their new homes. By focusing on these areas, the World Jewish relief has demonstrated that they know exactly where and how assistance to refugees can be best focused and would provide the most benefit.

To read the Jewish News article, click here.